Ways To Take Care Of Your Joints And Muscles

When we are young, we have a lot of energy and are able to move around without pain.  As we get older and our bodies start to take on the ravages of old age, parts of our body start to wear down such as you knee, elbows and total hip.  When this starts to occur, we need to start changing the way that we live our life in order to be able to move and function.


You want to look at your diet.  The foods that we eat play a huge role in how our bodies work.  If we eat foods that cause inflammation this this will cause our joints to swell and as a result we will start to experience pain.  If we eat foods that help create the natural lubrication that occurs in our joints, then it won’t be as hard to move and function.

total hip


We have mostly become a society of couch potatoes.  We get up in the morning, roll out of bed, walk over to the couch and sit down in front of the television and bury hour heads deep within our cellphones.  When we get older, we need to avoid doing this.  The more we move the more our bodies will heal themselves.

When engaging in exercise you want to do simple movement exercises and avoid anything that is too jarring.   The idea is to get the blood flowing through your body and into your joints.  When this happens, the tissues will break down and not clot up.  You will also be able to stimulate healing when you start moving.

Get plenty of rest

You will also want to get plenty of rest.  When we rest, our bodies are able to start the healing process.  The more sleep we get and the better sleep we get, the faster and more complete our bodies will heal.